The development of artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. Microsoft wants to use it to beat Google

The integration of artificial intelligence into all kinds of services is starting to gain momentum. In a recent interview, Microsoft’s CEO shared plans that clearly define what the company sees behind its massive investment in startup OpenAI. And right off the bat, it’s big stuff.

Microsoft wants to compete with Google

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Right off the bat, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft is going to give its current search engine, Bing, a major upgrade. In cooperation with ChatGPT, it should literally become another Google, only much better. After entering terms, it will even be possible to converse with the search engine, thus reliably getting the information you came for.

Since the OpenAI startup is primarily concerned with security, Microsoft has to make sure that all services using AI adhere to the usage policy to the letter. At the same time, the human factor will continue to play a vital role in training new models.

Websites will still be key

But don’t think that with a chatbot search engine you can avoid visiting websites that provide original information. Microsoft is very keen to ensure that primary search is still as we know it. After all, all the content that Bing will have is from third parties.

The Microsoft CEO further states that the company wants to create a product that will be a direct answer to Google, which is the overwhelming leader in search. However, it can be assumed that the American giant will not let the first position slip through its fingers, so it is also developing AI-oriented products, for example, Google Bard.

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