The fight is on! Google Bard is out and entering the testing phase

Last week, we saw the new ChatGPT-4 artificial intelligence from OpenAI, which Microsoft and its Bing browser are betting on. There's not much talk of competition from Google, but the search giant of course has AI too, and it's now moving into the user testing phase, in limited availability.

Google Bard has spoken out

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The AI competitor within the Bing browser is called Bard and Google unveiled it earlier this month. The main difference between the two contemporaries is that while Microsoft’s solution is built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model, Google is betting on its own language model called LLM.

Bard will assist in Google searches and, of course, answer users’ curious questions. So it’s more or less the same chatbot that Bing uses, and it’s definitely good news that the search giant is starting to test it on a larger scale, which means it will get better and its answers will be more accurate.

Testing begins, but not everywhere

Bard is by no means perfect, and in early tests he has shown that he can make mistakes, but as he continues to test and improve his answers will become more accurate. Feedback is crucial to improving generative AI and is the element through which it learns and therefore reduces the amount of wrong answers.

Public testing, albeit limited, has been launched specifically for feedback and unfortunately only users in the US and UK can participate for now. Testing is also limited by the number of queries and is, of course, only available in English, but Google promises to add more languages over time.

Where to sign up?

Users in America or England who are interested in enrolling in the Bard AI testing program can do so on its official website. However, it’s likely that Google will expand testing to other countries over time, and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the development of Bard AI.

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