The future looks sensational! Mercedes has showcased an unparalleled concept

A few days ago, we informed you that Porsche, on the occasion of the celebrations associated with the anniversary of the brand's founding in Stuttgart, presented a truly remarkable piece. The Hypersport Mission X is intended to embody German precision taken to absolute extremes, whether it's the meticulously crafted appearance, maximum track speed, or rocket-like charging.

Mercedes’ Electric Beauty 

And it seems that Mercedes-Benz has decided to follow in similar footsteps by showcasing a truly fantastic piece of technology to the world. The latest concept of a fully electrified supercar, Vision One-Eleven, entices with its exquisite design, superb driving characteristics, and revolutionary electric propulsion.

And just like the aforementioned competitor, engineers are not short of words in this case either. The reference to the now iconic racing “dart” C111, however, cannot be overlooked. The powertrain follows a similar approach as well.

Electric mobility defines the future of the brand

Mercedes relies on two revolutionary electric motors with axial flux magnetic field, meaning that both the rotor and stator are positioned next to each other. These motors will be placed on the rear axle.

The motor operating on this principle was already built in the 19th century, but back then, designers were not familiar with technologies that would enable mass utilization. Notably, high-quality materials available today were not accessible at that time. Experts believe that this particular type of motor has significant potential in automotive transportation in the future.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven electric vehicle, designed and manufactured at the company’s international design center in California, is undeniably a tribute to the equally famous experiment of the 1970s.


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