The importance of backlinks

Backlinks are connections between websites by means of content reference links.

A backlink is a reference of a website to a page through hyperlink, used to generate traffic organically, leveraging the number of visits. The greater the number of backlinks a page has, the greater the chance of the page gaining credibility on the subject it deals with.

The use of backlink is part of a set of techniques used by SEO and has been the basis for the implementation of these techniques. In the scanning done by google on the web, only sites that are famous or have multiple backlinks are placed on the first page of Google search.
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Why Get Backlinks 

Backlinks define authority and notoriety.

Backlink works as an evaluation criterion and is one of the judges of the web. It judges what should or should not be considered good. Adding value on the internet is not based on the supreme quality of content, but on the impact on others. Backlinks represent the impact on others.

How to get backlinks

Backlinks can be obtained organically or paid. 
To obtain organically it is necessary an agreement between the owner of the page and the owner or responsible of the website that will link it. With the right contacts it is possible to create partnerships for long term work, increasing the chances of gaining authority in the Web, spreading the website and gaining notoriety for free.

To obtain in a paid way, it is necessary to download an application or access a website that provides link building services to join these services without having to create several partnerships.

In summary, backlinks are basic tools for the success of web pages, they optimise pages for the scanning, indexing and ranking phases of the whole SEO process and can generate exponential gains

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