The most aerodynamic car? Chinese achieve a new record inspired by tun

The laws of aerodynamics govern the resistance that air imposes during any motion - sometimes more, sometimes less. In designing their models, automotive manufacturers must consider these laws. A recent claim by the Chinese carmaker Chery Automotive boasts that its new electric car concept stands as the most aerodynamic car in the world.

The Unique Inspiration and AI-Assisted Design 

Chery Automotive recently shared details about its new concept on the Chinese social network Weibo, explaining that their team drew inspiration from tunas. These fish are known for being highly hydrodynamic, among the swiftest creatures in the oceans. Drawing initial inspiration from tunas, engineers also utilized AI simulations, exploring 2,000 different optimization scenarios to achieve a potentially record-breaking coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (Cd).

The Revelation of Aerodynamic Value Chery claims that during official testing in August, they achieved an air resistance value of 0.168 Cd. This value surpasses the record set by an electric car from the American automaker GM at 0.19 Cd in the late 1990s. Despite several attempts made since then to surpass this number, none have made it to serial production.


Photo: Chery koncept EV auto test

Chery Automotive: Beyond a Challenger 

Chery Automotive, although relatively unknown in many regions, is not a small startup. In fact, it is one of the top ten Chinese automakers, specializing in electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the mid to higher price ranges. With a notable presence in China, Chery is mainly represented in non-European markets such as Brazil, Iran, North Africa, Pakistan, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Besides its existing brands like Chery and Karry, the automaker introduced a new brand named iCar targeting younger consumers, and another brand developed in collaboration with the tech company Huawei called Luxeed. During a recent technology event, the automaker announced plans to introduce 39 electric cars – 15 BEVs and 24 hybrids in the next two years. It remains to be seen if any of these will become the most aerodynamic.

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