The price of iPhone 15 Plus will shock you. It will be lower than this year’s model

The price of iPhone 15 Plus will shock you. It will be lower than this year’s model

What are we going to say, Apple hasn’t really pulled off much with this year’s 14 iPhones in terms of pure novelty. At least not with the basic iPhone 14 and the Plus model. The Pro and Pro Max models have already gotten a few extra tweaks, but it’s still more of a very cautious evolution.

Just a safe bet this year

Or is it more of a safe bet? Either way, next year – it seems – could be a little different. But let’s stay with the current one for a moment. As you well know, Apple went for the compact Mini variant this year.

They replaced it with the larger Plus model and, surprise, it’s not selling particularly well. This begs the question of whether Apple marketers have misjudged the situation (again) or whether the original three-leaf clover is simply what customers really want.

Apple iPhone 15

It should also be remembered that some of the better functionality is always the privilege of the more equipped versions, which makes the desired success of “cleaner” iPhones logically more difficult. And that should be the case next year as well.

Leaving aside the fact that we’re about to get our first ever USB-C charging connector (the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will get a USB-C connector, but in version 2.0. A faster equivalent, whether at the USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 level, will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max – editor’s note), concerns are once again growing that Apple will be tweaking within the confines of the law.

A discount would be a welcome step

This wouldn’t necessarily be a bummer if the information newly trotted out by the popular 9To5Mac is confirmed. The server reports that a drastic price cut is in play for the base and Plus models.

That ultimately the announced discount of one hundred US dollars is more of a mockery? It’s not quite true. When you consider that it’s roughly minus 100 US Dollars after conversion, it’s not a total knock.

In addition, there are other voices saying that, purely theoretically, it could cost as much as 975 US Dollars in the base, which is the price at which the iPhone 13 Mini launched in the past, but this reasoning seems to us rather like science fiction.


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