The small electric Fiat has a lot of original features. Would you use it?

Who wouldn't want to spend a whole day on a sunny beach? 

Such a day is perfect to end with an aperitif and a delicious dinner at a nearby bar. But you are all sandy and would like to rinse off before socializing in the evening. You also don't want to drag sand into your car. Fiat thought of such inconveniences when designing its latest electric mini vehicle.

Beach vehicle with added value

Fiat Topolino Dolcevita offers a great feature that is mainly known by owners of large residential vans and conversions. A built-in shower will help you rinse off and clean up without having to visit your apartment or hotel. Don’t imagine a full-fledged inflatable bathroom, you simply pull out the shower head from the body and rinse off easily. After returning from the beach, you take care of the most important thing.

Fiat micro electric vehicle introduced as an ideal partner for suburban villages or chaotic city traffic. Its maximum speed is limited to 45 km/h and it travels about 75 kilometers. Thanks to the limiter and vehicle parameters, it can be driven from 15 years old. The price on the Italian and French market is around 10 thousand euros. Vehicles with a miniature footprint are gradually getting from China to European cities and it definitely makes sense. They are definitely more advantageous for short transfers than large and overgrown SUVs.


Photo by Fiat

Micro vehicle appeals to young drivers

If you are a practical person and you are more interested in simplicity of transfer and basic equipment, Fiat Topolino is exactly what you might need. It is suitable mainly for sunny and warm areas, both by its purpose and appearance, and also because of the absence of regular doors. It is actually a golf cart in an elegant coat with many features.



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