The Unleashed Electric Beast? Dodge Charger’s Top Model to Have Nearly 900 Horsepower

The upcoming generation of the Dodge Charger, set to replace the Challenger model, is largely veiled in secrecy. While verified and official details are scarce, an unverified report claims that the top model will offer more horsepower than the outgoing Hellcat V8.

Satisfying Classic Enthusiasts and Electric Car Admirers 

Citing an anonymous source, The Drive reported that the electric version of the Dodge Charger would be available in three drive variants. Similarly, it’s likely to offer six-cylinder combustion engine versions for users uninterested in battery technologies. It should be noted that these details have not been confirmed by Dodge.

The entry-level electric model is expected to rely on a 400V architecture with a single rear-mounted motor producing around 402 horsepower. This output is lower than the previously announced 456 horsepower, although Dodge did mention that the figures were not final and plans were in place to offer performance upgrades at the time of release.

Higher Voltage to Bring Extreme Power Increase 

The mid-level Dodge Charger model will also utilize the 400V architecture but will receive a second motor and all-wheel drive. The total output for this model is expected to reach 670 horsepower, surpassing earlier predictions. Additional upgrades could further increase its performance. Finally, the flagship electric vehicle version will deliver a substantial 885 horsepower, partially attributed to its 800V architecture.

Regarding combustion models, the same report suggests that buyers will have at least two options with the inline-six Hurricane engine. The base model, likely to be the series’ entry-level variant, is expected to generate 420 horsepower, while the higher-power 510-horsepower model will be positioned higher in the hierarchy. Although the output is lower than that of the electric cars, The Drive emphasizes that the power-to-weight ratio is anticipated to level the performance difference between the powertrains, especially due to the weight of traction batteries.


Dodge has not commented on the report nor disclosed the final Charger specifications. Most of what is known about the model comes from various sources. Pictures of a likely pre-production bodyshell show a transmission tunnel, lending credibility to claims of the Hurricane engine’s availability. The images also suggest minimal changes in the sharp coupe design transitioning from concept to production. The vehicle’s sales are anticipated to commence in 2025.

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