The upcoming Nothing Phone (2) exceeds even the wildest expectations

The upcoming Nothing Phone (2) exceeds even the wildest expectations

Nothing Phone (1) is definitely a unique and original piece of work that has been successful. If we disregard its slightly extravagant styling, we are left with a well-tuned phone with solid performance, a quality camera and a top-notch display. Now, talk of a successor is starting to emerge, and after the first mention, the contours have finally started to emerge a bit in terms of specs.

The Nothing Phone (2) is coming after all

Although Carl Pei, Nothing’s founder, claimed back in December that Nothing Phone (2) is not currently a priority for the company, he confirmed this expected news in an interview a few days ago. The brand’s second phone will arrive later this year and the manufacturer will mainly target the US with it, however, it will definitely reach other markets as well.

Now, the first information regarding the specifications is starting to emerge, and MySmartPrice has come up with some interesting news. The latter has revealed a few specs and also that the phone moves up a class above its predecessor. So, it won’t be a mid-range or premium mid-range phone like the Nothing Phone (1) and with its successor, the company will venture into the lightweight flagship category.

The flagship killer returns

The term “flagship killer” has been used to refer to OnePlus phones in the past, and it would be such a nice symbolism if the term returned this year and was once again associated with Carl Pei, who was also at the birth of OnePlus. After all, if the Nothing Phone (2) arrives with the specs as speculated now, it could indeed be the proverbial killer of the top phones of the competition.

We should expect a significant improvement on the processor side, with the original Snapdragon 778G+ being replaced by an unnamed chipset from the Snapdragon 8 series that mostly powers flagship devices. There is also talk of the presence of 12 GB of RAM or an AMOLED display with the ability to adapt the frequency to the content displayed (with a maximum of 120 Hz).

When will the Nothing Phone (2) arrive?

The exact date of premiere of this potential novelty does not yet have, however, there is talk that it will arrive in the third quarter of this year. Although Carl Pei wants to attack mainly America with the Nothing Phone (2), it will be a global phone, just like the first generation, and we will most likely see it here as well.


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