The world of Avatar is about to expand. Check out the breathtaking trailer for the new game

Ubisoft showcased gameplay footage from Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora at their conference. The game will naturally capture the essence of the films, with developers crafting an original story centered around the conservation of the environment on the planet. The game is set to release at the end of the year. The company also unveiled other exciting updates.

Pandora from the back of an Ikran 

Frontiers Of Pandora begins as the RDA expands its operations to the western frontier. Your Na’vi is captured and trained to attack their own kind. However, a massive assault on the western base forces human manipulators to put you to sleep. You awaken 15 years later, needing to reconnect with your people and culture to protect your home from human invaders.

The entire game is an action-packed first-person experience with a strong emphasis on exploring the game world. The Ikran will serve as your aerial transportation in the game, while you can also ride Direhorses for a thrilling horseback experience. You’ll engage in combat not only with bows but also with weapons like rocket launchers. The new Avatar game will hit the market on December 7th. It is already available for pre-order on some websites, including the US market for 60-70 USD. The Avatar trailer looks absolutely stunning.


Photo by Avatar

Star Wars coming next year

Ubisoft also showcased some footage from the game Star Wars Outlaws. In this game, you’ll play as the thief Kay, who plans to execute the greatest heist in the galaxy. Players will explore several open-world planets within the galaxy. The game will be in third-person perspective, offering both blaster shooting, stealth gameplay in shadows, and piloting your own ship. Star Wars does not have an exact release date yet, but it is expected to be released next year.

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