There’s a big purge going on at Microsoft. The company will lay off up to 10,000 employees

As a result of the badly encroaching inflation, economic recession and uncertainty, many technology companies across various segments are resorting to various forms of restructuring.

Microsoft has launched a giant wave of layoffs

The most common of these is the reduction of the existing workforce as part of austerity measures in response to minimise the impact of current or anticipated economic problems.

This move was already announced last year by big players on the market; for example, the online store Amazon or Meta Platforms, the parent company of social platforms Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Up to 5% of employees

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Now another giant is joining them. Microsoft started the first smaller wave last year, when around 1,000 people lost their jobs. This year, however, will be literally draconian, reports leading magazine The Verge.

Citing an official communiqué, the server confirms that by the end of March, managers of the American corporation plan to lay off up to 5% of people. From the current number of more than 220 thousand, which the company has around the world, this would affect about 10 thousand employees.

Is this due to lower interest?

The official reasons are unclear, however, it has been said in the rounds that Microsoft is struggling not only with problems in the personal computer segment, but also with generally lower interest from cloud and office services.

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