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Constant evolution has made the world more digital and with that many things have changed, including the ways of making money. The world is more digitalized.

Best online opportunities in 2022

Africa is facing several crises in various sectors, and this has put some countries in debt and engendered socio-political conflicts, causing poverty, and poverty leaves marks, one of which is unemployment.

We have prepared a list with 10 freelance websites and 10 types of jobs that can be done remotely, as long as you have a computer with a good internet connection and rarely other extra resources.

There are numerous platforms to get this type of jobs, we list below 10 platforms to search for remote jobs: – Average Rating: 4.6 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4,5 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4.5 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4.2 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4,0 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4.0 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 4.0 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 3.7 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 3.6 (TrustPilot) – Average Rating: 3.6 (TrustPilot)


Virtual assistant

The person assigned the task of managing an agenda, whether individual or corporate, means that it does everything an administrator does, but remotely, from home or from any place where you have Internet connection. To be a virtual assistant it is necessary that the client, in this case the chief who will give the assistant the task of managing his belongings and/or routine trusts his services.

Affiliate marketing

Consists of seeking access to sales platforms for physical or digital products. You can affiliate to them in order to earn a commission for each sale made. Affiliation usually works on the basis of sales links where each person who affiliates with the product is paid on the platform, and can withdraw their money whenever they want.

Online teaching

A way to make money by sharing knowledge, it is fundamentally based on high level tutorials. People with a mastery of something can give lessons to others over the Internet and earn good money. It is more in the pedagogical field, and by the pandemic situation many students opt for this form of teaching.


The art of making money with the right words, works on the basis of persuasion and seduction through texts, ideal for those seeking to make texts in order to sell a particular product, through copywriting many products are sold quickly and thereby earn good money. Many young people become millionaires if they can apply the copywriting in the best possible way.

Data entry

Is a form of virtual assistance, where a person can work as a data administrator for a company or office during the course of work, it is very interesting.

Selling stock photos

Make your art a fortune! What is needed for success in this job is to take the right photos for the right moments and sell. Africa is a continent of endless beauty. Africans can showcase that beauty through unique photographs and make money from art.


For those who know how to edit videos, transcribe audio into text and vice versa, can choose to seek online job opportunities in this field. The market for transcription of files extols good editors and writers.


With a market of exciting opportunities becomes one of the world trends in online labour. Dropshipping consists in selling third party products without even having to touch them.  Means that a person can look for someone who sells a certain product , take the product as theirs and finally, when selling, give the portion that such someone has taxed and keep the rest for themselves, it is a form of affiliate market.


All one needs is pure writing skills to be able to enter this market. Where all you need is to draft texts, short stories, novels, etc. For people willing to pay for royalties, the person gains a basis to follow during the work.

Personal training

Those who seek not only to make money on the internet, but also learn about health. No one needs to be fitness to give online classes to people who seek to become fitness. This market is for those who understand the subject and want to share their knowledge and in return receive some gain.

In summary these are 10 of the possible ways to make money on the internet in the conditions of many Africans. An interesting fact is that self-employment has been essential in Africa. Nowadays even those who already have a fixed income need to create new ways to make money, and the internet makes it much easier.

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