Real estate portals in Luanda

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The simplest ways to get something in the world depend on choice. To facilitate something, there must be a bridge between an object and a subject, it is possible to have a property in Luanda with just a few clicks and for that we have prepared here a list of real estate portals to get a property in luanda, either short or long term


Real estate portals in Luanda

Capital and largest city of Angola, Luanda comprises seven municipalities, of which the city of Luanda is the capital. Luanda has a bay that is undoubtedly a gift from the stone age, worthy of admiration. The most widely spoken languages in Luanda are Portuguese and Quimbundo. It is a developing province, with several rural regions.

Luanda has a wide coastline and a large port, from which many diamonds are exported. Luanda is home to dozens of large national and international companies, so there are many opportunities in the metropolis, a lot of capital in the private sector and the Angolan diamond is just one of several motivations.

Top portals to buy or rent a property in Luanda


Among all the portals in Angola this is the only one that matches everything a client is looking for to own a property in Luanda, having a radar that is limited to Luanda this portal has everything to offer to those looking for a property in Luanda. The differential of this portal is the fact that it is specifically dedicated to Luanda and has a staff deeply updated on all aspects about the province. Follow the website link and take a closer look. For those of you already working with real estate sales in Luanda, I suggest you take a look at this site, which is the most specific to Luanda.


Like Jinzojietu, Angocasa is in the excellent range, has good partnerships and good management, despite the current problems of communication with the client, this portal can meet the needs of buying and/or selling any type of property in Luanda. You can access the portal through the link Ango Casa and enjoy the services offered by the platform. This portal features real estate agents from all over Angola and therefore does not have as much to offer as jinzojietu in the case of Luanda, which is why it is in second position.


You can access the portal through the link portal casasapo and get to know closely this portal that has shown good results, the portal is often used by tourists and businessmen, those looking for luxury homes and/or holiday homes should take a look at this portal, it provides high caliber properties.

A high quality portal with a simple interface. This site is aligned with the trends, belongs to the SAPO portal, Portuguese made and internationally recognized, so it is reliable. Provides good links, is simple and among the best in Luanda.

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