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A few days ago, we reported on the revolutionary language tool from OpenAI, the fourth generation of the GPT service. According to many tests, GPT-4 evaluates much more accurate results for complex tasks than its predecessor GPT-3.5 and, for example, it has also received a feature that allows it to understand not only text but also images.

You have to pay for GPT-4… or don’t you?

It is no longer news that the latest version of Bing, the search engine of the Microsoft Edge web browser, uses GPT-4 technology in its searches. However, you may not have heard of a thing called Bing Chat, a service very similar to ChatGPT. However, there is one significant difference between the two – you have to pay twenty dollars to use GPT-4 with one of them, while with the other you won’t pay a penny for it.

ChatGPT will ask you for a monthly subscription as part of the ChatGPT Plus premium service, but it’s a little different with Bing. This is where the invitation system comes in – you join a waiting list, Microsoft accepts your request, and Bing Chat, endowed with GPT-4, is made available to you.

Microsoft has decided to be overly generous

Just a few days ago, you actually had to wait a while for your application to be approved, but the US company has decided that approval is probably a pointless affair and you can now access Bing Chat in an instant. We’ll show you how.

How to get into Bing Chat right away

  • Log in to your Microsoft account at (or create a new one if you don’t have one);
  • Go to and select Join Waitlist;
  • Once you’re notified that you’ve been added to the waitlist, click the blue Quicker Access to New Bing button
  • A new page will open and you can select Chat in the middle of the screen
  • Bing Chat with GPT-4 is ready to use

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