Twitter’s rival arrives in 2 days. Threads network in app stores

For some time now, there has been knowledge about Meta's preparation of a social network similar to the popular Twitter. A few weeks ago, I also informed you about it, and since then, work on the network has progressed significantly. The previously speculated name has been confirmed, the network has its own logo, and it has already been listed in major application stores.

Introducing the social network 

Threads It has been speculated from the beginning that this new social network from Meta would be named Threads. And as it turns out, these speculations were true. This new social network has appeared under that name in two major application stores.

The Threads app, with the full name “Threads, an Instagram app,” has already been listed in both the Apple App Store and Google Play (though only in the USA for now). Installation is not yet possible (the App Store allows pre-ordering), and the app itself will be available on the day of its official launch.


Photo by Threads

There will also be a web interface available 

In addition to mobile applications, it will also be possible to access this new network through a web interface, which already exists (link here). However, registration is currently not possible, and we will have to wait again until the Threads network is officially launched.

This network will be closely linked to Instagram (hence its mention in the app’s name), and it will be possible to transfer the list of followers from Instagram to Threads. It will even be possible to use the same username on both platforms, but of course, it will also allow following completely different accounts.

Official launch in just two days

According to current information from the app stores, the Threads network will be launched on July 6, which is this Friday. It is uncertain whether it will be immediately available globally or only in the United States for now. However, at least we can preview the network’s user interface, which has been revealed in the app stores.


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