Two Hours and Enough! China Aims to Limit Mobile Phone Usage

China is taking a bold step towards stricter control over its citizens. All children and teenagers under 18 years old will be required to have a parental control mode installed on their devices to reduce screen time. 

What other aspects will the state regulate?

Restrictions for Children China’s Cyberspace Administration, which oversees all online content in the country from social media to artificial intelligence, is introducing stringent rules for minors and their online activities. This week, the Administration proposed measures aimed at preventing internet addiction and helping youngsters develop healthy digital habits.

According to the document released, every mobile device and app will have to meet specific requirements set by the authority and include a designated ‘minors mode’. The regulation divides young individuals into five age groups, each with a precise limit on phone usage time.

Maximum of Two Hours Phone Time 

For the youngest group, comprising children aged 3 to 8, only 40 minutes of screen time will be allowed. The older group, aged 16 to 18, will have a maximum of two hours of total screen time. Additionally, after 30 minutes, the device must notify the user to take a break. Moreover, mobile phone access will be restricted from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Exceptions to the restrictions include emergency calls and educational purposes, with authorities deciding what qualifies as an educational app. Parents will have limited control over this measure. The Administration also welcomes public feedback. Parents and others can submit comments and observations on the proposal until early September. Following this, government approval will be sought.


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