Unveiling the Power of Electric Buses: Traveling Nearly 700 Kilometers without Compromise

Dutch company Ebusco has been working on electric versions of mass transit vehicles for several years. Its latest model, labeled 3.0, is entering production and offers very impressive specifications. Thanks to a significant reduction in weight, it can travel almost 600 kilometers on a full battery.

Bus with the Range of a High-End Electric Vehicle 

The manufacturer states that the 3.0 model has a composite structure throughout, resulting in a 27% weight reduction compared to a conventional bus. This represents a revolutionary change in this segment. The lightweight construction also extends the operational lifespan to up to 25 years. The electric bus will be available in two lengths: twelve and eighteen meters. The first units of the shorter version have been delivered to the national transport company, Transdev.

The shorter model has an operational weight of 9,500 kg, making it classified as energy-efficient. Its range reaches 575 kilometers. It is powered by a pair of electric motors, each with a power output of 125 kW. The six-meter-longer version has an even higher range. Technical specifications indicate a range of up to 700 kilometers. The model utilizes batteries with an LFP cell-based chemical structure.


Photo by Ebusco

Smooth Transition from Pilot Operations to Production

The batteries are integrated into the floor, providing the bus with a low center of gravity and excellent road handling. The company has been testing the next-generation buses in pilot operations in Munich, Germany, for over a year and a half. Compared to its predecessor, version 2.2, the new model achieves a 30% increase in efficiency. There is also a significant difference in operational weight, with the older generation reaching around 13,580 kg.

Now, the company is transitioning into the production phase. The upcoming months will be marked by the commencement of delivering finished models to customers. Deliveries will be divided into multiple phases. Unfortunately, minor delays have occurred due to supply chain issues. Ebusco is currently aiming to achieve an annual production target of 3,000 buses.


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