Volkswagen’s Green Shift: Embrace Electric Through Exclusive Rentals!

In a move that showcases its commitment to electric vehicles, Volkswagen is offering enthusiasts and potential buyers a unique experience: the chance to rent their latest electric vehicles (EVs). Volkswagen's introduction of its "ID. for all" rental program allows users to explore the capabilities of its electric lineup, bridging the gap between curiosity and commitment.

An Electric Invitation

Car rentals are not a novel concept among dealerships. However, the lion’s share of available vehicles for rent has predominantly been gas-powered or hybrid cars. True to its commitment to a greener future, Volkswagen is stepping up, allowing consumers to rent electric vehicles from their ID line under the fresh “ID. for all” initiative. Specifically available for test runs are the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 models, including their high-performance GTX versions.

While businesses of all sizes are the primary targets, Volkswagen’s offer is extended to individual enthusiasts as well. The beauty of this initiative is that you’re renting directly from the manufacturer, ensuring authenticity and bypassing potential pitfalls associated with third-party renters. The base rental cost for these vehicles stands at around $40/day (based on a 2-7 day period). For the GTX models, which are the top-tier variants, the daily rate is around $80 for the same duration. Post the initial week, the cost per day decreases slightly, making longer rentals more economical.


Photo by VW Newsroom

Highlight: The ID.3’s Range Impresses

The newest star in the rental lineup is the refreshed version of the urban favorite, the ID.3. Volkswagen promotes it as the primary model for the rental service, and it’s evident why. This compact powerhouse, equipped with a 150 kW motor and an enhanced 77 kW battery, boasts an impressive range of up to 345 miles (556 km) on a single charge, presenting a strong case for city commuters to give it a spin.

For those contemplating the switch to an electric lifestyle, this initiative provides a golden opportunity. If you’re uncertain about how an EV would fit into your daily life, the availability of charging stations, or just the weekly mileage, this rental experience can offer invaluable insights. With the “ID. for all” rental program, Volkswagen enables you to determine which of its ID series vehicles aligns best with your needs.

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