Warning: Some iOS Apps to Stop Working on Older Versions of iOS

Just as there are Google services, there are Apple services, and they are hardwired into every operating system from the Apple giant. While software functionality per se (app support and the like) is gradually being cut back by Apple on older versions of iOS, these services, which mainly relate to online platforms, continue to run on them. But that may soon change.

Older versions of iOS will lose some services

With the information that Apple will restrict some of its services on older versions of iOS, a StellaFudge whistleblower has come forward. If this prediction comes true, users of iOS 11 and earlier versions could lose virtually all online services, except iCloud. Besides iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4, and tvOS 11 are also expected to be affected by this restriction.

Users who are still using these older versions of Apple systems for some reason will be notified of this fact and will of course be prompted to update to the newer versions. Apple itself warned of the possibility that it would limit its services on older operating systems in the future last month, and it looks like it’s really starting to happen.

Who and what will be affected by Apple service restrictions?

Users who are cut off from Apple services will lose key parts of the system, such as the App Store, Siri, iMessage, FaceTime and Maps. But this decision is perfectly legitimate from a security perspective. Even really archaic iPhones like the 3GS can use iMessage and FaceTime these days, which is certainly not ideal from a security perspective.

On these really old models, these services may not include the latest features, but they are still essential and offer that basic functionality. Cutting off older phones from these services is therefore a fairly logical step and Apple will kill two birds with one stone – users will switch to newer software and the Apple giant will be able to make a proper upgrade of its online services regardless of the old devices.

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