What are the side buttons on the new iPhone 15 Pro like?


Apple will launch the new iPhone 15 series traditionally in early autumn. However, there has already been a lot of speculation about the shape of the new iPhone 15. One of the interesting changes, which was shown on one of the CAD models that reported 9to5Mac, is said to be related to the mechanical buttons.

Next generation iPhones without mechanical buttons


Image by Freepik

According to one of the renders, the Pro versions of the iPhone 15 will have capacitive buttons instead of the traditional mechanical buttons for changing the volume. Instead of two separate buttons, there will be a single cradle-style haptic surface to control volume.

Control even with gloves

Capacitive buttons obviously need power to operate, so the button to turn on the phone can be a problem. Speculation is that Apple will solve this with a new ultra-low power mode. This technology is already used by the Find My feature when the phone is off.

The sensitivity of the capacitive buttons is also supposed to be adjustable. You should be able to set the sensitivity so that the buttons will respond even if you’re wearing gloves. The change should only affect iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. This confirms that Apple plans to make the Pro versions much more distinct from the base models.

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