What will iPhone 16 bring? Face ID will undergo the biggest change in its history

What will iPhone 16 bring? Face ID will undergo the biggest change in its history

Biometric-based security for iPhones has been evolving for years. You may remember the big event was the introduction of the iPhone 5S, which had a fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. Then came the era of Face ID with the iPhone X, which we can’t imagine an iPhone without. Its major improvement will come with iPhone 16.

Face ID under the display is coming

Currently, the necessary technology is either built into the display cutout of even older iPhones, or this year Apple came up with a rather elegant solution in the form of a drop-in cutout. This has been further enhanced with a range of features.

The next logical step is to embed Face ID under the display. The display would thus be without a single distortion. A number of analysts expected this technology to be built into the iPhone 14 already, as Apple has a patent from 2021. However, these rumours have been proven wrong.

The breakthrough year 2024?

Patently Apple has noticed interesting findings published in The Elec magazine. These say that the “Dynamic Island” technology will be found in all four iPhone 15 models (it’s only found in Pro versions of the iPhone 14). And in the next iPhone 16 model line, Face ID will be embedded under the display on Pro versions.

This would mean that only one hole for the front camera would remain in the display. This speculation is supported by earlier reports from analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young. It’s increasingly likely that this technology will debut in 2024 with the introduction of the 16 iPhones.


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