WhatsApp brings an important feature to keep you out of big trouble

WhatsApp brings an important feature to keep you out of big trouble

We’ve probably all had the experience of accidentally deleting a message while chatting with someone. Unfortunately for us, there is no way for us to retrieve it once it has been deleted. However, the creators of the WhatsApp platform have decided to change that, as they have spent the last few months working on a feature that can make such mistakes avoidable once and for all.

No more accidentally deleted messages

Today, the vast majority of apps that are designed for communication already allow you to delete messages for yourself or for all participants in a conversation. WhatsApp in particular has been equipped with this feature since 2017, and until now it has not been possible to recover a message deleted in this way in case of error. However, this is finally about to change.

As the server WABetaInfo informs, a feature that will please all non-users has been in beta testing since August this year. Thanks to it, you will get a chance to save and restore the message immediately after deletion. It will work for you and all other chat members when you delete a message.
The feature is here

In practice, after deleting a message, a new window will appear for about 5 seconds, offering to cancel the deletion. If you click on the button, the message will come back and will not be deleted. If you don’t, you’re out of luck and the message is lost forever.

Since testing of the new feature has been ongoing since August, the developers are already preparing for the final implementation and launch in public versions of the platform. Moreover, this applies to all operating systems from Android to iOS and Windows. To get the feature this way, just download the latest app update.


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