When will Google I/O 2023 take place and what can we look forward to?

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The year has come and gone, and soon the popular "Googling" event will take place again in full swing. What's more, the date for Google I/O 2023 is official; it was tweeted by none less than Sundar Pichai himself, the head of parent company Alphabeth.

When will Google I/O 2023 take place?

In theory, it should be a proper gala, in practice you’ll be able to see for yourself. Just click on the following link on May 10 at 7pm CET.

But with just over 64 days to go until the event, you’d be waiting. Don’t worry though, we’ll definitely come back to the topic at least once and in due course.

When will Google I/O 2023 take place and what can we look forward to?

Google Pixel 8 and the new Android 14

Wondering what’s coming and what’s not? It’s too early to predict anything at this point, but the historical context offers two main draws. The first is the new Google Pixel 8 series, which we’re genuinely curious about.

And the second is the debut of the next iteration of the mobile operating system, numbered fourteen in the order. Android 14 should once again bring enhanced security, improved adaptation of the MaterialYou graphical environment, easier management of connected devices, app cloning, and more.

Some are already testing

After all, the Android 14 Developer Preview has been out for quite a few days now.


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