Will Nothing embark on DIY? Carl Pei is absolutely clear

Nothing Phone (2) arrived today, the highly anticipated device backed by the company Nothing. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus and a visionary in the mobile world, played a key role in its creation. Now, he speaks about foldable phones and whether Nothing plans to enter this rapidly growing segment in the near future.

This year is dominated by foldables. 2023 is the year of foldable phones. Numerous models have been introduced this year, with practically all manufacturers in this segment showcasing or planning to showcase their innovations. Even Google made its debut in the foldable industry.

But what about Nothing, a company that has been in the mobile business for about a year and is now unveiling the second generation of its Phone? Carl Pei stated that the brand is not currently planning to enter the foldable segment and has no rush to jump on the bandwagon.


Photo by Nothing Tech

All foldables are the same

In an interview with India Today, Carl Pei clarified that Nothing currently has no plans for a foldable device, despite the existing speculation. He believes that foldables are highly specialized products that ultimately look the same.

The young visionary finds the high similarity across the segment tiresome. According to him, if you cover the logos on individual foldables, users won’t even recognize the brand behind them. On the other hand, this could be a significant challenge for Nothing to differentiate itself from the competition.

Change Is Never Too Late 

In the mobile industry, opinions on this matter can change rapidly. If Nothing Phone (2) succeeds significantly, the company might consider entering the foldable segment after all. Carl Pei hopes that the new phone will sell at least as well as the first generation, which reached approximately 750,000 users.


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