Windows 11 finally supports iMessage. But there’s one big catch

On the face of it, this is news like thunder. Despite Apple’s “preoccupation” with making some popular apps available beyond its own ecosystem, it’s now possible to use iMessage in Windows 11.

Apple iMessage in Windows?

Sounds great, so what’s the catch? Fundamentally, it’s not a helpful gesture from Apple, but paradoxically from Microsoft. The latter has integrated iMessage into the Phone Connection service that users use for connected communication on their computers and smartphones.

Thanks to this, they have a perfect overview of notifications, they can accept/reject a call; whether on a laptop or phone, browse other notifications, WhatsApp or Discord chats and so on.

The functioning of the service is a bit over hand


Foto de Windows na Unsplash

In short, what has been commonplace on Android until now may soon be available to owners of Apple devices. Of course, in the vast majority of cases this thesis doesn’t make sense, because there is a correct assumption that if someone has an iPhone, they probably own a MacBook.

But there are those who do have an iPhone but use a Windows PC for work. That’s where the new iMessage support makes sense. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can send and receive messages seamlessly.

A little detour

Unfortunately, and by the logic of things, when Microsoft had to take a little detour on this, users won’t see a full history of conversations just as they won’t see deleted pictures, photos or videos. Also problematic are the group chats that pretend to be inactive.

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