With an eye on black history month! Apple has released iOS 16.3 with a number of important new features

Apple has released the latest version of the iOS 16 operating system, specifically iOS 16.3. After its beta testing, it is finally reaching users.

What’s new?

iOS 16.3 is officially available for download
The new version of iOS brings the ability to secure your Apple ID account with security keys. This will allow Apple to allow users to authenticate newly signed-in devices through a two-step authentication process using a physical key in addition to other methods.

Dialing SOS emergency calls will now require holding down the side volume up or down button and then releasing it to prevent accidental activation. Additionally, iOS 16.3 adds support for the newly introduced Homepods and a new union wallpaper to honor the history and culture of the black community in celebration of black community history month.

Apple also fixed bugs

In addition to the added features, several bugs and errors have been fixed. For example, a bug where some strokes drawn with Apple Pencil or your finger might not show up on shared desktops when using Freeform has been fixed. It also resolves an issue where the wallpaper on the lock screen could appear black.

Siri has also received improvements and fixes, and should better understand commands when using CarPlay in certain cases. Also, a bug where Siri would not respond properly to a request to play music has been fixed.

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