Xbox Series S has received a new edition. It sports a sleek design and boasts a gigantic storage capacity

For Microsoft, the Xbox Games Showcase is one of the main events of the year, and just like every time, this year we were treated to a lot of gaming news. In addition to the upcoming games, Microsoft also introduced a new version of their Xbox Series S console, featuring higher internal storage capacity.

The New Xbox is Here

The Xbox console, part of Microsoft’s portfolio, is the main competitor to Sony’s PlayStation, and while it may not be as popular as the Japanese console in the current generation, it is still a great gaming machine for home use. At the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, we witnessed the unveiling of its new version.

Microsoft showcased a special variant called Series S Black, which differs from the standard version in both appearance and hardware. You can easily recognize the Black edition from the classic design at first glance, as it is unexpectedly dressed in a black outfit. But what about the second glance?

Proper storage counts

 Even though the black color suits the Xbox Series S without a doubt and is a pleasant change from the classic white, the main innovation lies inside the console. Instead of the 512 GB internal storage, this variant boasts double the storage capacity with a 1 TB disk.

The new storage maintains the same speed as the original 512 GB storage, which is definitely good news, and the doubled storage will certainly come in handy. As games are getting larger, let’s face it, 512 GB is more of a basic requirement than something that would last for a longer time.

Pre-orders have already begun

If you’re interested in the Xbox Series S in the Black version with a 1 TB internal storage, you can pre-order it, even with us. You can do so at this link, and be prepared to pay $349.99 USD for this new version. It’s a thousand koruna more expensive than the 512 GB variant, but it’s definitely worth it compared to buying the base model and doubling the storage later (a 512 GB disk for Xbox Series S costs around 140 USD).


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