Xi’an Triumphs in Hosting NIO Day 2023 After Community Selection

In an engaging display of civic participation, the city of Xi’an has emerged as the chosen host for NIO Day 2023 following a robust community vote. With a remarkable 46% voter turnout and an impressive tally of 87,793,311 votes, Xi’an secured its position as the preferred location, showcasing the city's active involvement in the bidding process.

NIO Day: A Vital Annual Spectacle

NIO Day stands as a pivotal annual affair in NIO’s calendar, serving as the stage for the introduction of the company’s latest models and groundbreaking innovations. This event serves as the platform for significant announcements encompassing new vehicle launches, service expansions, and other strategic initiatives, including ventures into the global market. For enthusiasts worldwide, the event will be accessible through live-streaming on NIO’s website and the Nio App.

A Multifaceted Selection Process:

The city selection procedure entailed a thorough evaluation of three candidate cities, each immersed in the realm of electrification. This evaluation encompassed demonstrations, live broadcasts, and user-driven voting. Notably, Guangzhou and Harbin also garnered substantial backing during the final voting phase, contributing to the diversity of choices and reflecting the vibrant spirit of the NIO community.

Xi’an Triumphs in Hosting NIO Day 2023 After Community Selection

Photo by NIO Admirer


A Unified Expression of Enthusiasm

The cumulative voting process for the host city garnered a staggering 190,027,531 votes, underscoring the remarkable enthusiasm that permeates the NIO community. With preparations now underway, Xi’an is set to host NIO Day 2023, promising an immersive experience that will captivate attendees and viewers alike.

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