YouTube Premium receives a hefty dose of new features

YouTube is the largest and most popular video portal today, and Google offers a Premium subscription in addition to the free version. This allows, among other things, to watch all content completely ad-free for 179 crowns per month. Google has now unveiled five interesting new features heading to the app as part of this subscription.
Google cares about its users

The fact is that Google has been adding some pretty interesting features to its Premium subscription recently, and in February, for example, it allowed content creators to add audio tracks in different languages to videos. Most recently, subscribers to the service can enjoy five new features, such as improved 1080p resolution. So let’s take a look at them.

Improved video quality for iOS

This (currently experimental) feature is only for iOS users for now, but it should make its way to YouTube’s web interface soon. This is an improved quality for 1080p videos that will be sharper, clearer and offer more detail.

Queues on phones and tablets

Premium users have also been given the option to queue on both phones and tablets, which means they can specify the order in which their chosen videos will play. This puts users in full control of playback.

Share enhancements

Android users can now use Meet Live Sharing to host Google Meet sessions where all users can join, whether they use Premium or not, and watch videos together. This feature will soon be coming to iOS as well, via FaceTime and SharePlay.

Switching between devices

Google will now allow Premium users to pick up where they left off across all devices, i.e. phones, tablets and computers. This news applies to both Android and iOS and, of course, extends to the web interface as well.

Offline playback

A new feature dubbed Smart Download will allow YouTube Premium users to watch their favourite content even when offline. This feature will automatically add recommended videos directly to the user’s library, so they’ll be ready to watch even if they’re offline.


The new YouTube Premium features will go live in the coming weeks and you can find out more about them on the official YouTube blog. This subscription offers more and more really interesting features, and it is expected that these new features will bring another batch of users into the ranks of subscribers.


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