Zeekr 001 FR: The Chinese Supersport Taking on Tesla

Less than a month after unveiling their high-performance flagship model, Zeekr has shared some technical specifications of the vehicle.To say the least, they are quite impressive.

Zeekr 001 FR Reportedly Has No Competitor 

After dubbing Tesla’s Model S Plaid as “boring,” the Chinese automaker claims that the Zeekr 001 FR belongs to a category of its own. Such bold words from a car company founded only in March 2021 and has since introduced three electric vehicles.

Zeekr is not only expanding its model range but also its global footprint due to European activities. It seems the company is no longer content with regular roads and aims to make a mark on racetracks. In August, Zeekr unveiled its first luxury sports car under the name Zeekr 001 FR.

What Are the Specs of This Modern Beast? 

The automaker, openly acknowledging that its biggest competitor is the American Tesla, describes the 001 FR as a “new beast.” However, if this model is to compete with one of the fastest serially produced electric cars, the Tesla Model S Plaid, it must prove that it’s not just empty talk.

According to Zeekr’s latest press release, the 001 FR is equipped with four motors, doubling the original 001’s power. Intelligent software, in collaboration with advanced hardware, manages torque distribution to each wheel in milliseconds. Moreover, there’s an ace up its sleeve – independent control of each motor and wheel, allowing the new vehicle to maneuver in place, similar to tracked vehicles.

No Ordinary Training Required

The combined power of these four motors is mind-blowing. The 1265-horsepower beast accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in a mere 2.07 seconds. Equally intriguing are the vehicle’s charging capabilities. Inside the model lies the next-generation 100 kWh Qilin battery from CATL. Zeekr claims the vehicle can charge from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes. This is facilitated by a new type of charging station offering a maximum output of 800 kW (1000 V, 800 A). Zeekr plans to expand its fast-charging station network to 1000 stations by 2024.

Zeekr 001 FR: The Chinese Supersport Taking on Tesla

Before that, we should expect the unveiling of the 001 FR model since deliveries are set to begin in October, as per the company’s statement. Zeekr will provide individual training to each customer to handle the car’s incredible performance. The company plans to manufacture 99,001 FR models each month. Official prices are not available yet, but according to an informed source, they are expected to hover around $139,000. So, would you take it for a spin?


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